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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do You Know How Many Women Will be Hurt by This Bill?

Q. How many women in Washington State did Pregnancy Resource Centers & Medical Clinics serve at NO CHARGE and with NO TAXPAYER MONEY in 2010?

A. There were over 62,000 visits by women to PRCs and PMCs in Washington in 2010.

Q. What is the cumulative dollar value of the maternal and infant services provided?

A. Most women and infants served received an average of $300 in FREE services totaling over $18.6 million per year.

Q. How many women received free maternal and infant services in 2010 (prenatal and parenting education, infant/mother support education, and practical support)?

A. There were over 22,000 visits by women for free maternal and infant support (which includes practical support such as diapers, maternity/baby clothing, and baby items).

Q. How many FREE pregnancy tests, STI testing, and ultrasound exams were provided in 2010?

A. There were over 31,000 medical tests and exams.

Q. What was the dollar value of those free medical services?

A. Over $5.4 million NOT BILLED to Medicaid.

Q. How many women received other free support services (such as mentoring and life skills) in 2010?

A. Over 9,000.

Q. Are women referred to local physicians for continued reproductive health care services?

A. Yes, referrals for continued medical care and community services are provided to women.

Q. How many social service entities and organizations in Washington State refer to Pregnancy Resource Centers & Medical Clinics?

A. Over 24 social service agencies (including DSHS, DOH, WIC, and CPS. The list even includes Planned Parenthood.

Q. How many individuals support/donate to Pregnancy Resource Centers & Medical Clinics in Washington State?

A. Over 500,000 (more than the combined populations of Spokane, Tacoma, and Yakima).

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